The warmth of home living

A warm home can mean many things. What can make us feel at home, that it’s good to go home every day, or that when we walk through the door of our home we feel that we are finally home, that we have arrived?

Well, home is more than just a place to live, it’s a place to retreat from the world. A launch pad for the day’s events. A hub for your activities. A haven of calm and peaceful relaxation. Home is our personal world. In our home we are safe. Home is the place we always want to return to. At least, that’s what home should be. And for SUNLIGHT VILLAGE and the communities we operate, that is exactly what we strive to do. As we age, our lives change rapidly. We can suddenly move from one physical state to another life situation requiring more care or full nursing care. We strive to care for our residents in any life situation.

Independent life

If you are at this stage of life and looking for opportunities for the difficult times, you are very forward-looking. In a lucky situation, this can last for a very, very long time. We are here to help you with that. Enjoy the peace of a maintenance-free life and the tranquility of a safe, vibrant community.

Independence has never been so good.

Sometimes the most responsible thing you can do for your soul is to free yourself from certain obligations (like maintaining a house and mowing the lawn). It’s time to start organizing a life that allows you to be free. Free from worry. Free to relax. Free to wander. Free to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Free from responsibility.
Independent living in the SUNLIGHT VILLAGE community offers that kind of freedom from 2025, and so much more. SUNLIGHT managed communities provide the connections and services that make independent living unparalleled.

  • If you prefer not to cook in our fully equipped kitchen, we have a fully equipped restaurant where you can choose from a selection of dishes prepared by our chef.
  • Weekly – and thorough – cleaning
  • The peace of mind of knowing that daily help is only moments away
  • Delivery arranged for purchase and appointment on the spot
  • Activities, events and programmes just for you to enjoy life.

Supported living

Peace of mind is vital for those who need skilled help with daily living. Competent help can make a huge difference in maintaining quality of life and well-deserved dignity. When you need this kind of compassionate, expert help – right then and there – that’s exactly what you’ll find through SUNLIGHT’s caring staff and in this residential community. With help from your new friends in your lifestyle, you’re not only just getting by, you’re truly thriving.

From 2025, SUNLIGHT staff will be available to help with day-to-day activities:

  • Help with cleaning and dressing if needed
  • Discreet personal care if needed
  • Assistance in getting to meals and other activities
  • Additional help with meals or other activities if needed.

Memory care

Personalised care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Blue Rose Residential Community

A life, a story to be told. From 2025, this living environment will be designed to enable carers to stay connected to their past while embracing the joys of everyday life with as much joy as possible.

There is undoubted evidence that the conscious use of different colours in the environment of people with dementia helps to improve the quality of care they receive and makes their daily lives more calm and balanced.

The use of blue plates, dishes and glasses is useful in the daily lives of people with dementia as it not only adds contrast to food, but also promotes a calm and balanced eating time.

At the same time, the colour red increases brainwave activity. To get the attention of a well-groomed person, we use red clothes and cards.

We follow four memory-care nurturing care.

  • Engaging with residents: better memory care starts with a better understanding of who is being cared for in the cared-for environment.
  • Choice through collaboration: ongoing collaboration with the families that are essential to the successful day-to-day care of our residents.
  • Care and protection: emotional support using proven techniques, personalised for each resident.
  • Using MIND and DASH diets to delay the deterioration of brain function


If you need more information about planned life at Sunlight Village, simply fill in this form and download our information pack.