For a company that promises a warm feeling of home, understanding the concept of security is a very important concept and task. On the one hand, the personal protection of the residents must be ensured. Everyone should feel safe in the home and in their personal apartment. They should be able to rest easy in their sleep day after day. We need to do this in a way that is almost invisible to the residents and the community. To create an absolute sense of security. Only a few necessary elements of this should be perceived.

The tools we use:

  • An external and internal surveillance camera system that monitors movement inside and outside the premises.
  • An access control system with a smart watch worn by residents and care home staff that invisibly identifies who enters and leaves.
  • In-apartment monitoring of vital signs via smart watch.
  • Our security staff monitor and ensure peace of mind at night with dog patrols.
  • Installation of invisible, laser-based motion sensors that detect and enable the interception of possible unauthorised intruders.
  • A secure, green fence that provides an island of peace for residents
  • A sense of national security is important. What is your exposure to migration or terrorist threat. How welcoming a country is to European ethnic groups.

There is another aspect to security and the feeling of security. And that is the security of staying healthy. Ensuring prompt and rapid medical assistance. Our Sunlight community maintains this for our residents in a number of ways:

  • Monitor vital signs such as heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen, stress, and sleep using a smartwatch that you have previously learned. Also emergency (fall, accident) monitoring. The values are monitored by a community carer – one person per block of residents. The data will also be retrievable retrospectively, broken down by day and time.
  • The constant presence of medical and nursing staff in our Sunlight community.
  • On-site contracted clinic providing immediate multi-day surgery.
  • Our contracted private hospital with Sunlight is equipped to a high technical standard.

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