Life with SUNLIGHT

After the construction of SUNLIGHT, we really want to create a home that is different from the usual retirement community. We envision the community that SUNLIGHT is designed to operate beyond where you live and how you live.

Life at SUNLUGHT is designed to be always positive, always friendly, always safe – and always exactly what you want and need. We will make connected bridge communities a priority. We have designed some of the services in our residential complex to allow young people in their mid-teens to visit the complex, creating opportunities for more generations to be present in the home. Residents should not only socialise with each other. As we know, this has very positive effects. The holistic wellbeing of the residents will be addressed, consistently and compassionately, so that all communities feel worthy to call it home.


Pet-friendly accommodation


Sunlight’s planned community will employ a professional chef who will prepare meals to restaurant standards. With fresh ingredients, ever-changing seasonal menus and special attention to dietary needs, every meal can be as adventurous as you want it to be. Our planned restaurant and beer bar also offer a distinctly home-style atmosphere, with the convenience of never having to wash dishes. But we also provide the comfort and satisfaction of home cooking in the apartments.


Do what you love while discovering what you love.

There are things you love to do, things you’ve always wanted to try, and things you could really enjoy if you knew they existed. When you live with Sunlight, you will experience all three.

Discover the spark of activity to help residents revive old hobbies and unleash new passions. From gardening to arts and wellness activities, hiking to sports, or even going shopping in the city, you can open up new avenues for fun, friendship and fulfilment.

At SUNLIGHT, we want you to be able to enjoy the opportunities that home offers. Discover new things Our Leonardo programme will help you explore the spectrum and depth of your passions, and try new paths that excite you. For example, our SUNLIGHT-managed communities offer state-of-the-art facilities, including our theatre space, indoor heated pools and personal wellness equipment, with group workouts led by fitness experts. You’ll also find a full schedule of activities such as art classes, drama classes, computer labs and movie nights, and much, much more. This keeps residents entertained and engaged. And that’s just a sample of what’s in store for you.


What’s for breakfast? When is my doctor’s appointment? What fun things can we do today? What time do the sessions start?

The answer to these questions and many more will be provided by the SUNLIGHT LIVING app… The SUNLIGHT LIVING app will be available to everyone, a mobile app and web-based portal that will instantly show you and your loved ones what’s happening in the world. You can also send messages, schedule deliveries, share photos, and do all sorts of other things to help keep everyone in the loop.

If you need more information about planned life at Sunlight Village, simply fill in this form and download our information pack.