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We believe that a well-constructed financial plan is the best investment you can make to plan for your retirement. Get started!

Let’s plan for the long term.

As you move through life, goals evolve. From saving for a lifetime to planning for retirement, financial planning leads the way. Building a portfolio also gives you the opportunity to leave a legacy. With us, an important aspect is that the purchase value you invest with us is not reduced in proportion to the length of your residence, but can be left in its entirety to your children and grandchildren, as you see fit.

We strive to build a happier, richer old age for you.

Our enthusiastic, curious and driven team is on a mission to help you live a fulfilling life at SUNLIGHT VILLAGE. A few highlights from Julia Thierny:

“If you’re like most people, you want to retire doing something you love – something that gives your life meaning.

“But planning for retirement often takes a back seat to planning for retirement funding. ……..

…What are three things people should consider when planning for retirement?

A few more things to keep in mind: (1) You can’t rush these transitions – each person goes through the stages differently; (2) And if you’re feeling overwhelmed in planning for retirement, remember, you only need to plan three to five years – not 30 years – ahead……

Kirsten: First, recognize that retirement is a big transition. Second, imagine who you want to be in retirement. Finally, set goals to support this.

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Find out what's possible

Focus your vision and start moving towards your dreams. Whether you want to plan for retirement, build a fund, minimize your taxes, or build a legacy, we’ll help you prioritize your goals and offer personalized financial options to help you realize your vision.

* Note: Limitations: the scope of financial planning and advisory services depends on the specific needs and requirements of the client. Fortis Invest Ltd. does not act as a lawyer, accountant or insurance agent. Fortis Invest Zrt. does not prepare legal documents or tax returns and does not sell insurance products. We only sell products from our own portfolio, which are not traded on any stock exchange.

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